Vaxxine Passports Transform Society Into a Dystopian Nightmare, Forcing Unvaxxed To Live Like FUGITIVES

Vaxxine Passports Transform Society Into a Dystopian Nightmare, Forcing Unvaxxed To Live Like FUGITIVES

By London Times

Vaccine passports turn every society into a dystopian nightmare, forcing unvaccinated people to live like fugitives, unable to buy groceries, fuel, medicine or even clothing, due to being banned from almost every retail establishment. They are also banned from banks, libraries and universities, denied access to financial services and higher education.

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In 1986 Ronald Reagan signed a declaration to keep all Big Pharma scum not liable for death or injury from vaccines because at that time Big Pharma scumbags used to be put in jail for what they did to people the reason Reagan signed it was because the vaccine companies threatened them they would stop producing vaccines so the elitist scum or the deep state had to have the puppet at the time to protect big pharma makes me sick..

Also, at the same time in 1986 he was some having some medical issues Because they’re all the things he signed like that act about immigration in California and look how horrible it is now.

Matthew Ronson
Regan also closed the State Hospitals and the inevitable ensuing homelessness, and sheared Veterans medical benefits retroactively.

Christine Marie
The closure of the mental hospitals was in motion before Reagan even took office. But the narrative is that he came in and unilaterally acted. The left wanted them shut down because they consider it “inhumane” to warehouse sick people. Big Pharma was also pushing the idea that their newfangled psych meds would render such hospitals obsolete. And of course, the budget-conscious were pleased to eliminate that line item.

Paul Velte
Actually, it had become obvious, and some court case held, that vaccines “were unavoidably unsafe.” That is, some percent of people were going to get harmed by each vaccine, and the cost of the harm, was exceeding the profits to be made…, so they passed the act to give them total legal immunity for the harm caused. Thus, we have come to the point where we sacrifice a few, to help the many. Something that is illegal under our Constitution. It’s all illegal and immoral.

Thomas Guitarman
There’s more to it, he also set in motion the COG continuity of gov plans and agendas and basically was ordered by his masters to turn the country over to the military and defense corporations. It must be remembered under him the entire false Star Wars defense initiative started, to cloak the secret space program, and also did the Tele communications act to protect the telecoms from liability of death or negative health consequences of cell phones, towers 5g ect.ect.

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