The Mainstream Fear Mongering Media

The Mainstream Fear Mongering Media

By Simeon Cryer

Hey, don’t be afraid.

I went over some of the Australian statistics the other night to discover that people are four times more likely to die from an accidental fall than from the ONLY subject that seems to dominate the mainstream fear-mongering media.

So why isn’t the government forcing everyone to wear body armour and helmets when we leave the house?

PM me if you’d like the full video with all the other stats on the situation (15 minutes).

It’s fascinating to look at the government’s own figures and then contrast that to what they actually tell us.

Fascinating I tell you.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Paul Miller
Only 1 of these has a vaccine as the so called cure

Nicole Cryer
Simeon, the government is looking after you. They are telling you what you have to hear to keep you safe. They couldn’t possibly have any motive but your best interest at heart. What are you insinuating????

Aarron Hatfield
Going through covid at the moment….my case certainly feels like death, do not wish this nastiness on anyone. Good luck to those who get it

Connie Prill
I have a friend in the US who is still sick with cv and even though she’s been in hospital twice in the last few weeks she is adamant that she’s not getting the shot. Like she said, now she will have natural immunity.

Craig O’Riley
Convo from a mate in Bali.

Ben Valks
The government is looking into stopping all movements to avoid this.

Leighton Breen
On ya Simon. Some cause of death may not be shown on the graph e.g. heart disease rate at the top. This can be a cause of death after the jab plus others!

Simeon Cryer
Poor Mark Waddington. Seemed to like fear but not the numbers. FYI when someone tells you they’ve blocked you it means they know you wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise.

Daryl Hine
Dont t forget the 20,000 plus from smoking in Australia a year.
If you are 45 and over indigenous person, half die from smoking.. no government stopping these deaths, with a simple ban

Carl Vanderpal
Simeon, the numbers they show here are typically CV with 1-2 other co-morbitity factors correct? And the real CV numbers that died from this alone are like 0.06% of the total numbers? So the real numbers would be around 57 people, who died from CV ALONE, with nothing else.
I wonder if they will be putting the deaths from the poke on their stats? There have been more people dying from the poke than from the actual bug.

James Tuckerman
Couple of extra pieces of the puzzle…
Unintentional accidental deaths will always be high. Why? Because those types of injury are outrageously unpredictable.
But where a death can easily be avoided with an easy remedy… like a seatbelt… or bike helmet… we change the law.
The second piece of the puzzle…
Crunch the numbers for a place like the USA, where both variants largely ran rampant (and still do). Different story.
All data is biased when prepared to make a specific claim. It’s why flat-earthers continue to find data to support their claims. The earth is flat!
My tip….
Don’t spend your evenings preparing data that already exists. Have fun man! You might not catch Covid, but you’re gonna give yourself cancer. (Said with love.)

Leon Bennetts
…why would you look at the Australian figures to determine how lethal COVID is? ?
It’s this low on the list because we’ve taken drastic action.
Deaths are not even the thing that’s most worrying.
For every person who dies, ~7 spend time in hospital.
2-3 of those will go to ICU and come out with permanent lung damage.
The rest don’t get away unscathed, and suffer long term heart problems and memory problems amongst a host of other issues.
Even if you don’t go to hospital, something like 80% of cases are reporting long term issues.
In the UK they found that even people who had a mild case, on average scored noticeably lower on an IQ test than people who haven’t had the virus.

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