Dan Andrews Lunacy – Victorian Politics – They Knew Before 2022

Dan Andrews Lunacy – Victorian Politics – They Knew Before 2022

By Dan Andrews Lunacy – Victorian Politics

When Chris Carter created the X-Files he might have been privy to eyes-only information. ‘They Knew Before 2022’ is a short dramatisation using footage whereby coincidence, or fact, begs the question to what is really going on in 2022.

Here’s what others had to say:

Ray Mcclain
The present operating system of National Security is unconstitutional and intentionally designed to gradually and continually erode our civil rights until none remain.
They should be responsible for absolute election integrity and China stealing our technology but we’ve got Julian Asange and Edward Snowden on the run from exposing their global corruption.

Shannon Miller
This is exactly wot IV been guin on about for a few years now

Lorinda Judkins Blaha

Jason Barnhill
They spell it all out right in front of us. Predictive programming aka lesser magic

Charles Spale
Sad that millions believed the MSM Sad that many others were forced to vaccine and boost or lose their jobs . When will CHI NA be held responsible for the biological weapon they sent around the globe ?

Charles Spale
Ten will now make that nine after mine and we will have 666 comments just saying

Vicki Walker
Wow the whole plan laid out in this episode! Seems they always tell us in advance by way of books and movies.

Raymond Miller
could be rna in vacine triggered by 5g tech.all invented in wohan china

John Cone
When was this episode of X-Files aired? What is the title of this episode?

Deborah Gail Rhodes
The Satanists must tell us what they plan to do. They did, far in advance.

John Cone
(1467) The X-Files Predicted The Pandemic, The Riots & The Vaccine – YouTube

Sonya Swinea
I always share this. I saw this episode when it first aired and my jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t believe the disclosure allowed to be made public. But that’s how they get by the karmic backlash, isn’t it. They tell us everything through entertainment, but we dismiss it because it is a work of fiction. Smh. Pay attention. It only gets worse from here. But we can stop it if we learn to anticipate the next step.

Michelle K LawrenceSmith
Called a gene editing vaccine and it deletes three of types of your jeans permanently which are in charge of cellular repair and when these jeans are deleted permanently it causes cellular suicide which is kind of like inducing AIDS in the body

Jerry Foster Jr.
Yea, you keep believing, that humans can override what God has created within our DNA, and you will face that consequence, when your time is too late. So-called “enlightened” internet experts are falling easily into the snare that has been laid for you. Fools.

Jesper Hellvik
What amazes me is that a lot of conspiracy theories seem to originate in the X-Files. Something made up by screenwriters. Somehow, certain people have a difficult time distinguishing between reality and Hollywood. They take the plots and storylines for face value. It’s like that woman in Friends who believed Joey WAS Dr. Jake Ramoray and that Days of Our Lives WAS reality.

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