Aishe Spark on Tavi Stock, Living With a Dissociative Trauma Response and Healing Through Art

Aishe Spark on Tavi Stock, Living With a Dissociative Trauma Response and Healing Through Art

By Gabbi Choong

This week enjoyed connecting with incredible survivor Aishe joining us again to describe the highly organised Tavistock set up here in Australia.

Tavistock is the corporatisation of military intelligence mind control that is today being unleashed on the masses, the brain of their operations.

Tavistock was in Australia from the 50’s and Aisha speaks of nodes being set up in Ballarat, Geelong and Bendigo. Tavistock is the corporatisation of MK research, unleashed on the mass population to control the narrative. The micro to the macro.

Aisha describes how the ‘family’ cult in Australia were deeply imbedded in the set up & operation of these extensive programs.

They have their tentacles in every part of our society and Aishe does a brilliant job connecting so many dots through her lived experience and lifetime of research

Aisha seeks to expose their very BIG little secret. Aussie children have & still are being exploited in systematic highly organised programs on an industrial scale that is horrifically shocking. As a survivor with dissociative identity Aisha explains the complexity of living with a fragmented mind, body & soul.

Here’s what others had to say:

Joleen Palmer
Thank you Gabbie for putting this out. I am of Maori heritage and I was lucky. My Koro. Grandfather was very spiritual but he was very aware of all the sexual and mind control abuse. Being a man of the land, he adopted a lot of children to live off the land. How to live. Praying to our Heavenly father. Mindset was be loving, kind and faithful.

Cheryl Rance
Fascinating and intriguing…blessings to you both.

Linda McKeown
Bless you both. I know those fires were orchestrated. Why do some ppl just have to suffer so much eh.

Adam Wolf
I want more truth bombs from Fiona Barnett, please.

Dora…Dor is frequently, and more you find on the internet about what Dor Can mean and Dora Doreen and so on..A lot of government names DOR

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