ABC News Boss Resigns

ABC News Boss Resigns

By Australian National Review

Charles MacKenzie shared the news that following Infected Blood Australia’s exposure of the ABC”s failure to investigate Australia’s deadliest medical scandal, contaminated blood, Gaven Morris, head of news & investigations at the ABC has resigned.

Here’s what others had to say:

Bernard Sharah
The State serving the interests of CORPORATIONS, not those of the people is called ‘FASCISM’.

Mr Bill Hilly
I speak to a woman online, she is in the US. She is on disability & is “fully-v@xxed”…. She tells me she makes extra money by donating Plasma…. Yep, she’s in Maryland USA, donating her contaminated blood for money.

Robert Watling
I just hope to God all of these people to end up in the courts and yeah they need to pay for their crimes they truly do this ABC must be shut down it all it is is it’s costing the taxpayer tons of money and you know all you get is far as the people out there that I speak to is just rubbish we just don’t want them any more I want them gone all this mainstream media have to go.

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