We Now Have This Amazing Opportunity | Inspired Conversation With Max Igan

We Now Have This Amazing Opportunity | Inspired Conversation With Max Igan

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During the trucker rally I had my own situation unfolding. My employer told me unvaccinated people had to be tested once a week. A bunch of vaccinated people caught and spread covid at work but only unvaccinated people needed testing. I told them why it was BS and I let them know that was the last straw. If I had to get weekly testing I would leave and they ended up backing down

It’s shocking that so many of our brothers & sisters are ok with what has been occurring for the past two years, even aiding its enforcement. THANY YOU for having these sane, rational discussions for those of us unable to resonate with this inappropriate power grab by “leaders.” Peace, brothers & sisters.

Paula Donaghue
This is the calm before the storm we need to be ready for may onwards this is when we are really going to feel the storm. Hold the line Hold the Light✨Blessing to you.
Thank you Max Thank you Jean.

Jean Dixon
There’s something about Max that invites peace and mental stillness. What he says, in those calm, low tones of his, reminds me that the Creator is in charge, no matter how oblivious most people are or what lengths the forces of evil go to. And I was reminded, too, that all this malevolence has to be brought to the surface before it can be eradicated. Max’s wisdom is a call to action, interaction balanced with inner action. Truly inspirational.

spitfire red
Amen, The Truth Max Igan, we have to separate ourselves from these Powers who want to control, we shouldn’t care what they do, I don’t believe they can stop us from living, just doing things in their world, we are not of this world and everyone who believes needs to remember this!

Rachael Bailey
Max, you inspire me to be better and do better. You give me hope , which can be hard to come by in these times. Thank you for all you do, Blessings from the U.K

Jpizzle Piz
MAX IGAN, Now that is what i am talking about, agree whole heartedly 100%. Every single person here at this moment, taking 100% personal responsibility for the world we live in and co-create together with no excuses, no handing our personal power over to governments and systems that only serve themselves and there agendas, coming together in unity and understanding that we are all capable and blessed with free will, that together acting with personal responsibility, with open eyes, hearts and minds, with our unified actions for the common good of all humanity, our world and our lives, we can change it all in an instant & together, create the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, loving world we have in our hearts and dreams, no more lies, no appointed leaders, no systems of manipulation, no divide & conqer, no problem reaction solution, no top down matrix of dependancy and control, no saviour programs, no more service to self BS, now thats the kind of world i think we could all live in and be proud of each and every one, and ourselves, nobody said it would be easy, but boy would it be worth it! Thankyou Max, Thankyou Jean & wife for this Inspiring video, and to all who have been working so long and so hard to awaken humanity from its slumber, to bring a glimpse of a new dawn, of a new day, for all humanity! UNITE MY HUMAN FAMILY AND TOGETHER LETS CREATE THAT NEW ERA WE HAVE ALL WANTED FOR SO VERY LONG, IT WILL TAKE US ALL, NOTHING IS GIVEN BUT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, IF WE ALL TAKE PART AND USE OUR INDIVIDUAL POWER AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TOGETHER AS ONE UNITED PEOPLES! ONE LOVE ALL!

Jan Linson
So true: l wish all people, all over the world, could hear this podcast, without, having to workj through locked channels. And yes, it’s true, that art, music, any form of expression does have an effective energy, of it’s own, and ripples out to affect what is hearing, reading or seeing it. Very well said Max.

Johnna Rogers
My family and I have “thrown our lives to the wind”…going offgrid, selling everything, downsizing. We’re making money, without being tied to a company. Our needs have been met. The longer we do this, the more confident we feel. We’re doing things our way and trying to take responsibility for ourselves.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/3YQGWpZTdcQ

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