I Am Bringing Your Attention to What You Can Control Right Now

I Am Bringing Your Attention to What You Can Control Right Now

By Anthony Golle

I’m talking to YOU right now.

I am bringing your attention to what you CAN control right now. Yes there is much uncertainty available … I am not denying that. But to continue to focus upon that which is out of your control is like knowing there is poison ☠️ and still putting it in your mouth.
So what can you control right now ?

Let’s start with your breath. You are probably not breathing deeply or consciously as stress hormones course through your body. Take 10 deep – full belly breaths right now.

Your water intake. Go take a big glass of water and rehydrate your cells. And get into the habit of drinking 2-3L everyday.
Your posture. Chances are … as you read this you are bent over like a question mark. Your posture when slumped and down, effects your physiology and your emotional state.

Motion is lotion for your body and your mind. Move in ways that are joyful to you whether that’s a walk, dance, stretch – but motion causes emotion so keep in flow.

Limit your screen time. The vast majority of what you are putting in your brain right now is low vibration stuff. It’s like there is a motor accident and you keep looking at the scene. Stop that. Limit your daily updates of info to 30mins a day and fill the rest of it with uplifting content – music – nature.

Get your feet on the earth and your body into the sunshine.
Put live whole foods into your body more than anything else. The crap in the packets is all part of the plot to slowly kill you remember.

Call 5 people everyday to make sure they are ok. A burden shared is a burden halved.
Corruption and evil have always existed. What is happening right now is not new. It is just in our faces. You are more resilient than what you give yourself credit for.

You may lose money. You may lose your job. You may lose your business. BUT – those things are not you. They are not your identity. You are a creative force of light. Nothing or no one can take that from you.
Remember that and remind yourself daily.

The agenda is to break you. To break small business. To make people feel divided. To turn us against one another.
Lovingly … fuck that.

I believe in you. I believe shift happens. The people making policy and the people on the TV are not here to save us.
We can control our emotions. I don’t mean bottle them up. I mean talk them through and find a resolve to rise above this low level vibration on the planet right now.

We can control our focus … on a vision that is clear what we choose to create collectively through this experience.
You can control the time you invest carving this vision and upgrade from convincing and arguing with people.
You can rally with your community to protest by not accepting offers to contract with “mandates”.
And continually come back to this question … what can I control ?

Relinquish all energy and mental focus on worrying about anything else. Stop forwarding information to others that perpetuates the low vibration.

Expect the best … but prepare for the worst. Then you need not worry about it because you have a plan.
This is just a phase. I may not know you, but I love you.

Ant ?

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