Everyone Needs To Pay Attention to This, It’s Happening!!!

Everyone Needs To Pay Attention to This, It’s Happening!!!

By CNBS News

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Awakening Enthusiast
They can take my life if they have to, I refuse to take their poison and especially they will NEVER touch my son!

Joanne Harrison
I nearly gave up but I looked in my kids eyes and realised what I was fighting for.

Tom Twain
Authorities need you to concede without any resistance… resist, and it becomes a massive problem to them !

Our county in Pennsylvania is only 37% vaccinated – more people where I live know what’s really going on. I am proud of them!

Was just saying I have been in a perpetual state of Emergency preparedness for a year. Never been tested or jabbed ..No NHS apo..I simply said NO!! I am a woman alone

Paula Annesley
So very true! Just wish more people would wake up to what is going on and being played around them! Thank you 🙂

Eternal Roots
Nothing left to lose is key as well, thats when i woke up, and realised this was not a physcical fight but a universal fight of spirit, power and energy.

Angel Invocon
I would rather die for something than live for nothing. I am not for sale. We say that we are one but what do we mean ,if when I stand ,that I stand alone ? Pick a day… I’ll be there.

Patricia Hurst
We live in a universe of cause and effect. WE we identify the couse the effect disappears. Mr. Icke you are brilliant.

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