Support Real Hero’s That Actually Take a Stand

Support Real Hero’s That Actually Take a Stand

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Support real hero’s that actually take a stand . Not paid off Covid fraudsters. Any decent athlete,would say no to experimental drugs disguised as a quackzinne, with the side effect of death, or serious injury.

Here’s what others had to say:

Elle Cook
Good on her. Hope she can stay strong ?

Rob Collier
Well done your body your choice ?❤️?

Peter Jørgen Henriksen
Well done Deni #holdtheline

Greg Hullin
A nurse to boot!Wonder what she’s seen!

Meegan Pearson
Good for her

Jackie Daniels
Good on her!! Balls of steel. ?????

John Harris
every worker has to be vaccinated here in Victoria, I’m not, I work from home and expect a $5000 fine in the mail which I will not pay.

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