Emergency Please Spread This Like a Virus or We Are in Big Big Trouble

Emergency Please Spread This Like a Virus, or We Are in Big Big Trouble

By Staff Reporter

The South Australian Public Health (Covid-19) Amendment Bill is set to be debated on Tuesday this coming week. The Bill applies only to people with COVID or close contacts of a person with COVID BUT it also increases the powers of enforcing officers and reduces personal rights.

One Nation member of Parliament Sarah Game has introduced 6 amendments to the Bill to restore our rights and limit the overreach of people empowered under this Bill. I will post her speech after its given next week.

The problem is the State Labor Government with the socialist Greens in the upper house are likely to rubber stamp the Bill without any of our amendments. If this proves to be the case, our personal rights will further be eroded.

I expect a Labor federal government on May 22, but hope you will keep the Greens OUT of the Senate out by voting One Nation.. Otherwise the socialists will be in charge of our country. Please vote One Nation in the Senate by putting a number 1 in Box S above the line on the white voting paper and stop extreme socialist legislation becoming law in Australia.

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