What a Health Hazzard and Psychopath

What a Health Hazzard and Psychopath

By Australian National Review

What a health Hazzard and psychopath –
Teenagers – if you want a future don’t listen to this nutter – you’ll never live a healthy happy life, if you take this experimental drug – it’s killing thousands per day around the world, and injuring tens of thousands.
Don’t listen to people who push untested, unproven, unnecessary drugs, upon you, that are deadly and dangerous.
And young men and women will become infertile from it as well.

It will be banned, and people like Brad Hazzard will be jailed in the future, for crimes against humanity-
If it’s on the idiot box, it’s for idiots –
Don’t be an idiot.

Learn to say no to peer pressure, bullying, and intimidation- and being scared of some invisible flu that can’t hurt you.
This sicko is trying to manipulate you into risking your life for zero upside. He has a conflict of interest.



Here’s what others had to say:

Lesley Edwards Larkin
There are no kind words to describe this monster. Manipulation of words to make these young people think he is offering something to good to refuse. Imagine what is going to happen in years to come when these young people realise no one fought for their rights. Very sad.

Debbie Mitchell
WTAF!!!????? Parents look after your kids … do not hand them over to this lying lunatic. When have we ever been subjected to this level of coercion?? This reeks BS!! Don’t succumb to the scare and fear tactics, your children’s future is at stake!

Cheryle Lupa
Is he for f$&k@n real…..seriously these people need one thing… and we all know what that is….
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY…..to kiss your healthy life goodbye!

Neuro linguistics programming right there… golden opportunity. Tapping into the gold

Grant Gebert
History will judge this man – hope I’m still around to watch

Bill Milltion
I think health hazard has lost his golden opportunity to take his meds. This is straight out of the communist handbook.

Carole Klop
What a sicko!!! If this isn’t coercion, unreal.

Noreen Williams
Trust a politician with health advice? He’s not a Dr! He’s two of the worst, politician & lawyer!!!

Aseret Freedom
Tell him to and take a running jump. what a you-know-what!

Kenneth Silver
Most governments are going full steam ahead now with all this crap, their time is getting short.

Original Source: https://www.australiannationalreview.com/global-issues/what-a-health-hazzard-and-psychopath/

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