New better world after COVID-19.

We Have To Build a Parallel Society and a Resistance To Build a New Better World

We Have To Build a Parallel Society and a Resistance To Build a New Better World

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If you knew that if you didn’t leave the cities within less than 10 days, that you could be locked down for at least 3 years – 3 years where so many will die that decided to partake in a deadly global medical Experiment and they will infect those around them including a family with the spike proteins and kill their own family.

Would you stay, or depart, and help build the resistance?

The first battle has been lost in this war – we failed to stop the deadly vaxx role out and wake enough up.

We have to build a parallel society and a resistance to build a new better world once the Globalists are defeated.

People will start now awakening in droves – but I must tell you – cities will not be safe.

If you choose to stay I understand but you can’t trust your governments – they are operating under foreign powers and will panic – and they will do things that will kill a lot of people whilst thinking they are saving you – such as inject you with deadly drugs to stop the flu.

But your choice to stay or leave will end very soon.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Alexis East
How could they lock us down for three years? Can you really foresee this in the next 10 days? and if so, what indicates that please?

Brad Nolan
New Zealand has just gone into lockdown 2 times to get out of the cities people.

Fleur Fleur
Instead of chasing people out of the city, empower them to take a stand! We can change this if we all unite against this!!

Paula Leslie
I can’t just pack up my family and leave unfortunately, have no where to go…but I’m very worried about what’s to come feeling very frustrated and angry. right now. Thank u Jamie for hanging in there w us all.

Lisa Maree
If I here that the military is on the way I will leave I know that there is not enough police here to block every way out as of now… Currently over the next few days, I will be stacking my car with food and other essentials to leave at short notice to get to our farm.

Lance R Frizzell
Hope you got out in time mate .. nice weather around glen at the moment, I’m stuck near nimbin .. can’t wait to get to my bush block .. next door to you know where ..

Tom Smausey
Question I know PCR TEST are fake invalid..
Can anyone inform me on Genome TESTING it does ya DNA and RNA these Sheep think its accurate?

Jodi Campbell
I’m not willing to leave my daughter behind and how far would we need to get out of the city. Most the country folks are getting jabbed than we really wouldn’t know who is who.

Maggie Barnes
It’s great if you have money & can leave but most just can’t. Personally, i can barely afford groceries so to pack up & leave is unfortunately out of the question.

Burgo Cuanon
Do you see it being mainly the capital cities for a start or regional cities as well?

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