Vaxx Adverse Reactions and Deaths

Vaxx Adverse Reactions and Deaths

Facebook Post by Jamie McIntyre

Those that vaxx together, get to die together.
Cmon man, take the jab. Go for the gold.

It’s a golden opportunity.
Actually, go for the triple jab – 3 in one shot coming soon.

Be a real hero and do as the idiot box presenters and celebrities paid to push dodgy drugs say – as that’s real science and idiot Health Ministers that are walking, and talking health Hazzards.

Make your children proud,by becoming a drug junkie parent. Get your next injection and shoot up now. And then have any excuse to shoot up again and again , every time idiots make up a bs Greek alphabet variant.

My heroes . So proud of such strong minded, critical thinkers that would never to cower to a invisible flu that can’t even kill your granny at 99 unless they falsify her death certificate.

You heroic faces of the vaccinated.

Notice to Kids
Stick to non experimental drugs kids –
At least they have been proven not to kill you in 36 months or less.
Don’t listen to your zombie mind controlled parents who want to take you to get jabbed.

Make Australia Great – take the vaxx and help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint by becoming fertiliser for daffodils and get our population down by 10 million to a respectable 15 million within 3 years ( the average life expectancy of this pseudo science drug experiment
Or just maybe read this report

and awaken from your mass pyschosis before you commmitt suicide because the idiot box programmed you to think a flu, rebranded is something to kill your self over and give up your human rights and civil liberties.
You can thank me later.


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Jon Geoghegan
Well known people previously healthy are dying from the jabs. An olympian, a model, a newsreader etc, bam, bam popping up one by one. Exactly what you would expect with a pandemic, yet we never saw it. Only aged care victims, comorbidities and relentless case numbers and propaganda from foreign countries and their 33 cases etc

Jon Geoghegan
On and on the examples start rolling in… Too many to post. It took 18 months but finally people are dropping like in the initial wuhan propaganda. Believe it/enforce it til you achieve it ey.

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