There Is No Rational Reason To Take the Jab

There Is No Rational Reason To Take the Jab

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If anyone wants to die of Covid, the two best ways are,

1. Take the quackzinne’.
Increases the chances by 1300% and increases your virus loads of many deadly viruses by 250%

2. Go to a hospital for anything.

They’ll say you have Covid, put you on” end of life is near “( Remedesvir) and ventilators.

Both deliberate medical malpractice, pushed by Fauci, to kill otherwise healthy patients to boost falsified Covid deaths, (as they can’t find any actual Covid deaths that didn’t die from multiple other co morbidities, or weren’t murdered, by deliberate medical malpractice, to fool the gullible public, that a re branded flu is a super deadly pandemic, to sell hundreds of billions of dodgy experimental drugs disguised as a quackzinne.)
Covid is an utter fraud, just like Sars 1 was so is Sars 2, and anyone falling for it still, after so much evidence de bunking it, clearly listens to many conspiracy theories, pushed on the idiot box, and idiot box presenters, and idiot Health Ministers.

There is no rational reason to take the jab.

It would be the worst decision anyone could make.
Australian National Review

News that isn’t paid to push you into the taking drugs.

Here’s what others had to say:

Nicole Read
Ppl still don’t see, coz ego will not let them and education of course. Letting go is 2 painful for ppl!! Foil hats for life you can’t cancel Conspiracy theories…. what is truth anyway? Ppl don’t question there perception and beliefs . Identity crisis will happen.. mind fuckery works. It’s a art really the mind fuckery how we got here in the first place. Fuckery

Vic Lucas
We desperately need a solution to the new voting system the current Govt. is trying to introduce, before next elections. How can we stop their plans for Dominion online voting from happening???

Deborah Singer

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