Protecting You From Experimental Jab With the Side Effect of Death or Worse Serious Injury for Life

Protecting You From Experimental Jab With the Side Effect of Death or Worse Serious Injury for Life

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Do not take the experimental jab with the side effect of death or worse serious injury for life unless you are prepared to

1 become unemployed as your to sick to ever work again

2. Never go to a restaurant or bar again as you’re to sick

3 put money aside first for your funeral in case you die – the chances of getting through all 6 jabs in the first 12 months and still be standing is highly remote

4. Put large amounts of money aside for your family to cover full time medical care in the highly likely case you will require it

5 say goodbye to family and friends in case you don’t make it past the first second or 6 th shot.

6 explain to them rationally why you are taking a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective,untested,insane, ludicrous,fraudulent,dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vazzine when there are other proven treatments like invermectin, you aren’t sick and don’t have anything and you have more chance of dying by driving your car to a jab centre or being struck by lightning.

As I’m sure theyd like to try and understand why you would do something so irresponsible ams irrational and selfish

7. Seek legal advice first as you would do fort less important decisions such as buying a house and ask if you partake in the Global Medical Experiment, will the two krispy Kreme donuts and a Bunnings sausage offered be 100% provided, and what compensation do I get I become sick or injured like the 1 million dead already or 100 million injured and we have only just started to see the effects let alone how many won’t be alive or well within 36 months or less.
Ask for the legal liability waivers you’ll be asked to sign

8. Ask what bonus’s are politicians, media tv presenters and mainstream media on to push the lies it’s “ safe,effective and necessary “ and have they disclosed their conflicts of interest ?

9. Have them lawyer list all the benefits I’d you take the jab ?
Considering there isn’t any

10. Ask your lawyer for prove from the Government that things will go back to notmal if you take it

11. Ask if you can legally be sacked if you don’t ?( you can’t be )

Australian National Review

Protecting you from deadly drug trials with side effect of death that offer zero benefit.


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