People Who Don’t Want the Vaxx Aren’t “Refusing” It!!

People Who Don’t Want the Vaxx Aren’t “Refusing” It!!

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Imagine if there was 10-20 large plane crashes every day, and thousands dead from them every day, and tens of thousands injured every day.

Imagine if the Governments covered up that there were more then a handful of deaths, ( just because they boarded the plane isn’t conclusive they were on it,when it crashed ) and blocked independent investigations, and pressured, intimidated, bribed and bullied more to fly,and keep boarding more of the exact same type of planes ( from just 4 companies as they are paying the Tv networks and pollies and big tech the most to have the regulators turn a blind eye, and it’s safe to keep flying no matter what.

And hire actors to pretend to be pilots saying “ it’s still safer to fly, then walk, as their is still more dying from lightening strike every day, by being outside,when you should be flying mot walking, so it’s ok .

And the main stream media, and big tech go into overdrive ,and attack anyone that dare suggest, there maybe a few safety issues rushing these 4 plane models into commercial flights so soon,before testing properly , ( all test runs resulted in all animals dying ) as anti plane loonies and how dare you question the safety of planes.

Like your not even a pilot.
Trust the science they say despite the so called science paid for by the same plane companies.
It’s just a conspiracy theory anyone suggesting deadly plane crashes are an issue –

I mean if some didn’t crash they wouldn’t be working properly.
Mmm weird logic but that’s how the current Global Medical Experiment is.

Here’s what others had to say:

Clinton Rodgers
Need inquiries into politicians and there connections or shares to vaccine and medical industry

David Dyer
Hi jamie another 400+cases 4 deaths more restrictions what a load of bullshit

Daniel Matokovic
Jamie McIntyre what’s your thoughts on the Novavax- suppose to be inline with traditional vax’s cheers

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