Global Health Organisation Scathing Report on WHO and the COV Alarmism

Global Health Organisation Scathing Report on WHO and the COV Alarmism

By Jamie McIntyre

Just got a hold of the hard copy of the Global Health Organisation scathing report on WHO and the Covid alarmism.

“Your chance of dying of Covid is so incredibly rare. To worry about it borders on paranoia than factual reality”.

“If you don’t fear the common flu, you should not fear Covid”.

“Covid threat revised to 2 out of 10.
Similar to other coronavirus and flu.”

Download your free copy from
Now and stop allowing your family and friends being abused, by your Government’s and mainstream media with the relentless lies , deceit and propaganda.

The world can go back to normal only when the criminal elite are deleted from society.

Here’s what others had to say:

Cass Smith
The amount of people refusing to look at any of this information is astounding. I’m beginning to think they actually want to be controlled, they want the drama and the fear, it excites them and they want to feel safe that the government is going to save them. It’s scary.

Carly Green
Yes, I got this the other day too! Anyone can get it and they should!!!
People are being so ignorant to this shit 🤬

Sam Catalano
Thank you for posting Jamie. We have a read. I think it is just the press and politicians that are scaring people. And then they go into a lockdown with scares more people.

Al Walker
Criminal elite and brain dead society. The people who keep complying without questioning are as much of the problem.

Jock Allen
Here it is folks. Straight from the Mainstream. We’ve all been lied to. Protect your family.

Nikki Ayden
Jeremiah 5:21
“Hear this, O foolish and senseless people, who have eyes, but see not, who have ears, but hear not.

Patricia Jpb
We know ! They don’t know ! People should be leaving jobs going on the streets protesting ! Oh well.


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