Can Someone Please Try and Articulate Why Supposedly Intelligent People, Would Line Up for a Quackzinne

Can Someone Please Try and Articulate Why Supposedly Intelligent People, Would Line Up for a Quackzinne

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Can someone please try and articulate why supposedly intelligent people, would line up for a quackzinne, that’s rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous, and deadly?

For a supposed flu, that no evidence has been provided of, despite myself and others offering $1 million for, not a single autopsy also, despite $1 million I and others have offered?

Where they have seen no one drop dead in the streets from this imaginary “ flu”, yet people are dropping everywhere daily from the jab.

It makes zero sense unless of course, they watch the idiot box, listen to idiot box presenters, and idiot Health Ministers spruiking a blatant conspiracy that we have a Global Pandemic, which has been debunked ( except by media outlets paid millions to sell experimental drugs disguised as a quackzinne) and they think anyone that doesn’t believe in what’s on the idiot box is the id**t and believes conspiracy theories when they are the ones falling for conspiracy theories, and somehow think watching the idiot box won’t make them an id**t.

Mass hypnosis and mass pychosis are amazing to watch, as seemingly intelligent people become pincushions, and fall for such lies as “ it’s the pathway back to normal – yet it’s a pathway to 6ft under, it means you can travel again – right, what with dying pilots on the flight over? – enjoying your last holiday, laying on Mykonos beach, waiting for your bonus Pfizer-sponsored heart attack if you make the destination from the bonus blood clots from AstraZeneca on the flight over.

If humans are so easily scammed and coerced, do they deserve to survive as a species?
Or will the collective ignorance, of a dumbed-down society, that’s become so shallow they don’t even know the world is under a Globalised Coup, they will happily join a “ death cult herd, and boast on social media about it, due to such desperation, to finally belong to the herd, (yet are part of the soon to be culled herd).
However as it’s trendy to do so, their arrogance, combined with such ignorance “, condemns not just them to effective mass suicide, but the rest of us, who bothered to look at the data, and see the “ junk science “ behind the fraudulent quackzinne industry, that’s making an orgy of sales over a falsified pandemic”, just like they tried to do in 2009 with the Swine flu scam and the AIDS scam before that and the 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic as well and we won’t mention the Rockefeller Institute behind the vaccine experiments that led to the Spanish Flu ( which was neither Spanish nor the flu).

Surely you don’t have to study the fraud of this industry, and write books on it, with whistleblower Doctors and Scientists, and lecture on it, for almost a decade like I have, to see the Bs 19 scam a mile away.

I must admit I’ve been surprised at the levels of human stupidity, to an extent that maybe they are right and some of the herd does need culling, (despite we aren’t overpopulated), as they happily line up for it, like free beer at an Aussie pub on a hot summers day.

Perhaps they better enjoy the summer as many did in 1914, clueless to what was coming.

Is ignorance bliss?

Australian National Review

News that doesn’t take millions to help kill billions.

Here’s what others had to say:

Nina Sanchez
as if they are in coma or hypnoses

Karen Chap
I am going crazy trying to figure out why intelligent people would fall for this big scam. People i thought were super intelligent close friends, work colleges etc have fallen for this…it is so distressing to witness

Kate Adams
It’s impossible for me to articulate this insanity. Complete psychosis from massive psychological warfare.

Tom Taylor
Yep it’s a spell , we’ve all been under it , we have obviously come out of it now thankfully . Sometimes though I think regrettably as I’m not sure what’s more torturous, having these monsters dictate our existence or being surrounded by a calcified , brainwashed , zombie infested bunch of lunatics.

Charmaine Barling
Once they see the light, unfortunately it will be too late for them. We can walk the street screaming the truth and they still wouldn’t listen. I feel extremely sorry for all the people that have been brainwashed and don’t have a critical thinking brain.

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