Mandatory Vaccinations – Unconstitutional?

Mandatory Vaccinations – Unconstitutional?

By Malcolm Roberts 

Here’s what others had to say:

Anthony Chamberlain
But 109cth…when the laws of the state contradict the laws of the federal government the latter has the power so now again what happened to the poor ol constitution

Tara Brown
51.23a is a binding law. State laws must line up with it or they are “invalid”. Sect 109, and clause 5 of the constitution. Why are you sprouting misinformation??!!!!

Billy Bass
Why should anyone be allowed to work in aged care, front line, hospitals etc. without being vaccinated, fair enough if they dont want the jab, go get another job.

Nicholas Nevin
I’m sure then can’t make a vaccine that only has provisional approval mandatory

Gordon Lawler
It would be unconstitutional for the state to enforce a mandatory vaccine onto anyone.

Howard Swanston Tripp
It’s so reassuring to have a politician onside…to promote our thoughts and concerns…instead of having government and premiers dictating to us..

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